Sunday, 02 March, 1975

The foundation of monarchist Rastakhiz (Resurrection) Party


Muhammad Reza Pahlavi was dreaming to concentrate all powers within the country in his own hands, hoping to find a place among the great leaders of the world. So, in a speech on March 1, 1975, he declared the commencement of the age of Rastakhiz (resurrection) and publicized creation of a single nation-wide party. Accordingly all current parties were dissolved to be replaced with Rastakhiz Party of People of Iran as the only legal party of the country. For the first time in the Iranian history, a one-party system was established, albeit being employed, as previous multi-party systems, as a tool mainly serving the government. Creation of this party added a 4th pillar, although less powerful and influential than others, to the 3 previous pillars of Pahlavi Regime, namely Bureaucracy, Army, and the Court. The first grim outcome of the party was holding the 24th term of National Consultative Assembly, as the concluding term, inaugurated in the late summer of 1975. The second was to replace Islamic Calendar with the Imperial Calendar, marking the climax of ant-Islam inclinations of the regime. The Shah threatened those outside the party to leave the country, but Imam Khomeini harshly reacted to creation of the party and banned its membership. Survival of the party was associated with various scandals so that Sharif-Emami upon ascending to premiership, in a demagogical action to relieve revolutionaries’ anger, dissolved the party in the early autumn of 1978. But, it was too late and revolutionary people finally put an end to Monarchy System in February of 1979.

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